The Dempsey and Makepeace Opening Theme
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All the music for Dempsey & Makepeace was by Alan Parker, a british session guitarist who also recorded a lot of albums for library labels like KPM and Standard. The D&M soundtrack was performed by The SouthBank Orchestra conducted by Alan Parker and published by the Standard music library.

The original TV version of the D&M theme - "Makepeace not war" - was released in Britain in 1985 on a vinyl album called "The TV Hits album" (Label: Towerbell records, TVPL 3) and cover versions of the theme were released on two more albums: "Themes and Dreams" (Sierra label, FEDL 101, distributed by Wea) and "A is for Action - Blockbusting action themes" by The PowerPack Orchestra ( - MFP 41 5705 1, released by EMI in 1985).

The original theme was also released as a single by Sierra in 1985:

[Most of the above info was provided by Oliver Lomax. If you want to know more about Alan Parker, the composer for D&M, and his other work, you can contact him at]

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Dempsey and Makepeace meet for the first time
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