Guns and Caviar

by Stash AKA STAN Dzierzeski

Fan Fiction based on Dempsey and Makepeace Armed and Extremely Dangerous © 1985 LWT Written by Dave Humphries. Staring: Tony Osoba, Glynis Barber, Michael Brandon, and Ray Smith.

Glossary of terms:
MI 5- British domestic security force same as the American FBI
MI 6- British Intelligence same as the CIA
SI 10- abr. For New Scotland yard
DS- Detective Sargent

Lt. Dempsey stared blankly at his computer screen. He was board and homesick. Picadelly Circus was great but it wasn’t Times Sq. The Pubs in London closed at 11:30 and how could a man live without a hot pastrami sandwich at three in the morning. London just wasn’t New York.

Yet Dempsey stayed in London far from his beloved New York City. What made him stay in old England? Was it his work at SI10? After all Scotland Yard was still considered one of the best in the world and Dempsey was a life long professional police officer.

His love of police work was not the only reason James Dempsey choose to remain. It was of coarse his secret abiding love for his partner Det. Sergeant Harriet Makepeace.

Because of their constant bickering none of their colleges at SI 10 suspected that there was even a remote possibility of romance between legendary Dempsey and Makepeace.

Harriet Makepeace AKA "Harry" she had secretly turned down several opportunity for promotion with no real explanation why.
So too had Gordon Spikings who had turned down a good offer to go "upstairs."

What had kept these three together for over 4 years now? When they seemed to certainly hate one another guts.
There was something within the chemistry of this team that made Dempsey and Makepeace a kind of legend in Modern Scotland Yard history.
This team under Spikings had found truth and camaraderie. Something people search for all their lives for and never find.
It had been nearly 4 months since Spikings spoke openly about the fact that his partner may have ‘feelings’ for him.

His’ bosses words often went through Dempsey’s mind. "Lt. Have you ever considered that maybe after all this time maybe she has developed feelings for you?"
Thus, Dempsey had been aware for quite sometime now that Sgt. Makepeace may have fallen for him.
Still he could not bring himself to believe that she could be anything other than just "Harry".
Besides outside of police work when she became "Lady Harriet" Dempsey felt totally alienated from her.
If it was their profession that brought them together? Then at the same time it surly kept them apart.
This was because of the fact that much of their specialized work at the yard was ‘undercover’ and required total devotion total concentration.
Dempsey knew about most aspects off Police work and he knew if they let "love" slip into their job life it could prove fatal.

"Undercover you gotta live it. It’s more than streetwise. You gotta live the cover they gotta believe you are who your saying you are or your dead." Dempsey would always say.

Normal police work was dangerous enough and the elite work of SI10 was even more demanding.

Dempsey’s thinking was that 2 people in love in their line of work simply would never survive.

Hating one another they were safe they knew one another’s moves. In love they would lose their winning chemistry for crime fighting.

Besides cops drank too much and were statistically high in terms of divorce rate. What kind of life would a cop have if they married another cop?

Still if he couldn’t live with her he certainly couldn’t live without her.

Makepeace who sat directly across from Dempsey was deep in paperwork. As usual she was producing twice as much and twice as detailed reports as her flamboyant counterpart.

She hadn’t noticed that Dempsey was staring blankly into a computer screen.

"Telex for you gov said Chas. in his deep smooth voice.
Dempsey broke from his fixation.

"What, you say somthin Chaz?"
"Telex it’s for you Dempsey!"

"Ok thank’s Chas I’ll take it with me paperwork’s all set here."
Chas looked back at Dempsey with an annoyed look of disapproval.

Chas looked back at Dempsey with swiped the telex papers out of Chas’s hand’s leaving a copy with no one.
"Thanks, Dempsey moved swiftly grabbing his keys then lighting a cigar and throwing on his worn leather jacket .
With the cigar bobbing about in his mouth Dempsey growled to Makepeace "Good night Sargent."

Dempsey rush out the back door of SI10 Headquarters saying goodnight to John Park the new Korean guy in the crime lab. Dempsey liked Park who had lived part of his life back in the States this reminded him of home.

Dempsey Sped off in his Mercedes hatchback way over the speed limit. He was now fully accustomed to driving on the left. Although he had borrowed and damaged Harry’s white ford Escort because he’s forgot and drove on the right.

He pulled into the Tut and Shive just outside Victoria Station to hear some Blues. The British like the Irish loved the Blues and there were still plenty of places in London to hear Blues.

The TuT which was not far from police headquarters and other hangouts for British Police was a new hangout for Dempsey.

"You upset me baby. The singer shouted out. "36 in the bust 26 in the waist ohhhhhhhh you upset me babe.!"

"No, more Bud?" Dempsey shouted over the music Ok, give me what you got, but leave it in the bottle." " You Limey’s always want to give it to me in a glass."
Dempsey decided to sit in a booth for privacy instead of at the bar he was truly drinking alone.

He sat and smoke and drank for a longtime. He started out with beer and moved to hard liquor as the night went on.

The band was good but they needed a break they’d been playing for nearly 2 hours in a smoke filled room.
Dempsey stared at the band looking dumfounded.
"What no more music there’s no more music?"

Then the juke-box blared came on playing Ben E King "This Magic moment".

"Hey is that the Drifters?" "Is that a love song? That sounds like a love song ...Hey you shut that off or I’ll tear that thing right out of the wall!" Dempsey threatened.

Dempsey at well over 6 feet tall could be an imposing figure.

The room feel silent and everyone in it stopped what they were doing and looked at Dempsey like he’d gone mad.
He realized this and became deeply embarrassed.

Still stunned he sat in his booth alone a drunk. Then again without thinking he turned to the group of people sitting behind him and completely interrupted their conversation.

"Have you ever loved someone and they loved someone and they loved you. But if you were with them all it would bring was pain.!" Dempsey spoke with deep emotion.

The party of people who were sitting at the table he was addressing stared blankly at him.

"Awh you wouldn’t understand-!! You don’t know nothing about love!"

Dempsey saw that the blues band was about to resume play and rushed up to the stage demanding a harmonica for just the right key.

"Shuffle in E ..I guess I haven’t played in years."

"Mr. Dempsey on the harmonica said the bass player in a low cockney accent.

Dempsey started out slow but to everyone’s surprise he proved to be a most skilled harp player.

He blurted out lyrics like I got my mojo workin but it just won’t work on you...Harry!"

At the begging of the evening everyone hated Dempsey buy the end everyone wanted to buy him a drink.
Several of the women wanted to know who was it that was breaking his heart he never told them. He decided to leave his car and walk back to his flat because he was way to drunk.

Chapter 2

Dempsey finally returned to his flat he was still drunk. He did not even bother to undress he just flopped down onto this bed.

He moved to take his leather jacket off when he remembered that the telex was in his inside pocket. He decided to look at what It said before he finally going to sleep.


Remember the caviar. No one will believe you.

It took a moment for Dempsey to realize the meaning behind this cryptic message, but it’s meaning became clear instantly.

"Oh my God the spooks they want us."
Dempsey sobered immediately. His memory stretched back to his first case and when he met Makepeace for the first time.
He remembered the case well it was probably the most fascinating one in his career. The names of TRAG International, Star Trading Co. import export company’s filled his mind.

"Mark Savory!" " Savory, the Mole that Makepeace and I put away for espionage. It ain’t likely the British would let him out.
Then who sent this note?

Without thinking, Dempsey rushed into a dark foggy London night to meet with DS Makepeace.

Harry’s Pad

Dempsey, stacked out the apartment of his partner Harry Makepeace before going inside. He did this out of paranoia. He wanted to make sure he had not been followed and if someone had Harry’s apartment under surveillance.

He watched as the lovely form of Harriet Makepeace appeared in the picture window .

‘She is an angel.’ Dempsey said aloud.
Suddenly Dempsey was stunned as a handsome tall gentleman appeared behind Makepeace touching her gently rubbing her shoulders.

He became enraged and forgot completely about the alleged threat on his life and that of his partner. Dempsey crept out into the backyard and quickly picked the lock on Harry’s kitchen door. Dempsey who grew up in Brooklyn developed an ability to pick locks at an early age.

Dempsey watched through a crack in the kitchen door as Makepeace enjoyed a nightcap with a tall handsome blond man.

Dempsey was going out of his mind with jealousy as he heard what he assumed was intimate talk and flirty laughter.

"Julius, were out of wine darling laughed Makepeace...wait here I must get us some more."

"No I insist Lady Harriet allow me...
"Not I will not allow that sit your my guest said Makepeace cutting him off ...besides I’ll have fun deciding which is you favorite!"

Makepeace moved toward the wine cabinet still laughing and giddy when she reached up to fetch a good year for wine.

"This one’s looks good Lady Harriet whispered Dempsey .
Makepeace cried out startled.........."Dempsey what the bloody hell are you doing here!"
"What do you care, and who the hell is that guy?"
"What do I care, what do I care ....your breaking and entering....this is my house Dempsey you have no right.......
"You let him in .........and your drunk Sargent.

"So are you!" Makepeace snapped back
"He looks like a big fat snob."

"I can see whoever I want Dempsey..

"OK ok I get the picture look the reason I am creeping around out here is I don’t know what the hell is going on with us. Dempsey growled.

"There is no us Dempsey, said Makepeace seriously"

"I don’t mean us like in romance ...Sargent look at this!"

"Remember the Caviar. No one will believe you, she read aloud slowly.

"So, what, she said annoyed this means nothing to me."

"Maybe this will refresh your memory... Trag international......Mark Savory huh ....?

"Dempsey, what the bloody hell are you talking about?" asked Harry.

"No Harry come on I got a feeling here I think were in big trouble.

Makepeace turned from anger to bewilderment.

"After 4 years Dempsey......why now?"

"I don’t know....... that’s what we’ve gotta find out ...this could be M16 KGB.

"Dempsey you have no idea ......

"For all we know ....your pad...... my place they could .....bugged! Dempsey said cutting in"

"Bugged !!
"Harriet, vhat ist going on in zare are you ok?"

"Oh, god Julies, everything is ok ....ah this is Lt Dempsey were working on a case."

"Vhat, lady Makepeace....vorking on a case at this hour?"

Makepeace ignored Julius and followed Dempsey without thinking into her bathroom. He turned the shower on in an effort to drowned out the alleged ‘bugs’.
"Ya dam right Sargent, I been a cop a long time you don’t think it happens revenge against cops." Don’t forget we busted Savory and the ring that was sabotaging those missile shipments. Remember the caviar!"

"So, that’s it end of story why the note why now Dempsey?"

"We go see him I’ll make him talk....

"Dempsey if it is British intelligence they can modify their listen devices to drowned out the shower and hear what were saying."
The restroom was now filling he room with steam fogging up the mirrors completely.

"Oh....we’ll then we can still take a shower then Sargent you know what they say cleanliness is next to godliness."

"Harriet are you zare Harriet? Julius was shouting and banging on the bathroom door.

"Do we have to let him in?"

"Shut up Dempsey!"

Dempsey moved to open the bathroom door when there was a blinding white light and a tremendous explosion.......blowing the house apart.

Live to fight another day

Detective Sargent Makepeace and Lt. Dempsey survived the blast only because they were blown clear into the bathtub and the big old tub protected them from certain death.

Dempsey got up slowly he was beneath a lot of plaster and shattered pieces of wood.

He saw that his partner was not moving not stirring and he was horrified.

"Harry..Harry...oh my god Harry...!!

Makepeace, rose slowly from the rubble to face Dempsey.. Her face like Dempsey’s was covered with the white powder from the plaster.

Her eyes incredibly blue especially in contrast to the white dust were filled with tears of anger as she spoke.

"Dempsey this was my home, I had memories stored here... things that can never be replaced. I don’t care how long it takes she spoke slowly....I don’t care how big they are I am going to bloody ..... she was interrupted by Dempsey’s laughter.

"What is so bloody funny Dempsey?"

"Nothin your beautiful Sargent but you look like Casper the friendly ghost that’s all"

Makepeace starred angrily back at Dempsey and then started to laugh. The two of them laughed uncontrollably for what seemed like a very long time.

Sherlock Holmes

Chief Superintendent Gordon Spiking met Dempsey and Makepeace next to the revolving ‘New Scotland Yard’ sign directly in front of SI 10.

"Dempsey’s threat via telex seems to coincide with the recent release from prison of one Mark Savory. We have not one but three SI 10 offices dead and ....I regret to inform you our partner and friend Chas has been badly well... Spikings said

"Oh my god not Chas...why....?" Makepeace gasped barley holding back tears.

"All of these men worked with you two when you stumbled onto those bloody bastards who were selling Western technology to the Russians."

"I think I know already but what are you driving at boss?"

"One thing we never verified was who was the ring leader was exactly some of the pieces never fit." "We assumed Savory was a mole a traitor to MI5. That the missile tech for caviar deal was complete. But Savory may have been working with someone else... A leader.

"Chief are you saying there’s some Mr. Big out there that controls everything?"

"That’s right Dempsey I think there is a Professor Moriarty out there....a Mr. Big who controls everything."

"Moriarty, who is he how come I ain’t never heard of him?"

"He’s a character Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories if you ever opened a book." Makepeace said mockingly
"Excuse me Sargent but this ain’t the book of the month club we don’t even know for sure there is a Mr. Big.

"Oh he’s out there old son and you can be almost sure the duo of Dempsey and Makepeace has ruined his plans one to many times.." said Spikings

"I’ve already checked with uncle Duffy.... my father and other sources...they say they think this attack on SI10 is not related to a rogue group in MI 5 or 6 but rather another cut away group or from another source not one directly related to British Intelligence.....

"Ya well back when I was in Viet-Nam I never trusted intelligence guys.... they never give you the whole story know what I mean... but I don’t know about your Dr. No theory a private operator would have to have a lot of power and money to do this kind of number on her majesty’s police force and get away without a trace."

"That’s what you two have got to find out before we all get bloody wasted.. find out who this Mr. Big is an ....well bring him in...and if you can’t then you know what got to be done.

"We can’t ask SI 10 for help, were alone on this one in the cold sir I suggest we all take a leave of absence.. said Makepeace seriously.

"Already done Sargent you two are now listed missing as far as anyone knows your dead or off the force until further notice.. Go get him. We’ll have to assume all communications are being monitored by an enemy..."

"We’ll find them boss ...
"You bloody well better find him and fast makes things right do it for Chas. We’ll meet back her at 0800 Hours next Thursday by then I hope things will be back to they way they were.... Good luck Jim, and Harriet... I’ll back you up any way I can..

Dempsey and Harry left their boss both taken aback by the irascible Spikings using their first names he’d never used them before.. They wondered if he thought they didn’t have a chance.

World International High Technology Fair

Detective Sargent Makepeace talked her way into the ’The London World International High Tech Exposition’ without a badge. Only now she was Helga Bruchhausen a ‘consultant’ for a major Austrian computer firm. She spoke high German to any German speaking firm and a remarkably convincing broken English to the rest. Makepeace looked the part her hair tied back very tightly into a bun and an enormous pair of think phoney black glasses that left people with no doubt that she was from Vienna and had poor eyesight.

Major high tech firms from every country in the G7 were there trying to sell their wares. Datagon GmbH, Digital Equipment Corporation, Motorola, Raytheon, Fairchild Systems Corp, IBM, Intel, MRI, and other firms from Silicon Valley in the US not to mention a plethora of German, Japanese and British Firms.

Many of the items for sale at this convention were in demand by clandestine operatives throughout the world. Many of whom were avowed enemies of The US and Great Britain.

Makepeace found super computers of all kinds, cryogenics, superconductors, machine tools, robots, computer software, satellite communications, lasers, even missile technology.

"Free enterprise." Makepeace muttered to herself.

"Did you say something Miss..?" said an attractive dark-haired women.

"Oh no, just talking to myself, I am Helga, Helga Bruchhausen.

"Good, to meet you Helga I’m Leslie from Parametric Technology. In the United States. We sell the most sophisticated CAD software in the world. We are now as far as generation 20 in many of our products."

"I see so you can design anything even sophisticated military hardware." Said Makepeace.

"Of coarse The National Security Agency The US Navy and the CIA are among our best customers."

"Oh I see but these companies must be careful who the sell their technology too."

"Indeed miss, we have a list of countries provided by the US State Department in which we can not sell software too."

"I see Leslie then someone who smuggled this embargoed technology could stand to make a lot of money."

"No, Doubt Ms. Bruchhausen as it is with cocaine or any other illegal commodity. "

"This is most interesting can you tell me who would be the leading ‘smuggler’ of this embargoed technology?"

"Oh that’s easy it would be Viktor Müllar." Everyone in this business knows about him. He’s a billionaire but wanted by federal authority’s worldwide. "

"Oh, yes Leslie I know auf him they have come close but he eludes Interpol and even the CIA every time."

"That’s his company right over there Müller Industries strange how it continues to operate in his absence."

"Oh vell I hope zey catch him someday Leslie goodbye."

Makepeace then rushed over to the booth to try to make contact with anyone she could from Müller Industries. She was unaware that she was being watched by hidden TV cameras.
"Sir I think I may have something on the screen here."

"You don’t say Herr Baker you British are such thorough busy bodies." Spoke the handsome blond blond-haired gentleman with fiery blue eyes who loomed in the background.

"Yes, Sir if you take away the glasses change the hair a bit you’ve got....

"Det. Sargent Harriet Makepeace, interrupted the stranger, daughter of an English lord graduate of Cambridge University with honors decorated 5 times and twice wounded in the service of the Queen. Oh yes Baker I know her she’s flawless absolutely one of the most beautiful women in all of Europe.

"Yes I can see that sir."

"I want her in my house in time for dinner I don’t care how you get her there understood."

"Completely sir."

Dead in the Water

Dempsey parked his car in front of St. Peters Russian Orthodox church in East London. When he got a call on his car phone.

"Dempsey...Spikings here I’m down by our lovely river Thames were they’ve just pulled out your good friend Mark Savory MBE." Someone’s making dam sure we can’t tract them. Anyway the trail is cold Dempsey."

"Ya, boss I ‘m going to talk to a source of mine about all this."

"A source, Spikings said perplexed.

"You don’t think I worked this city all these years without making contact with the KGB. Dempsey out"

Dempsey entered the old stone church and confronted his old contact Vladimir Sokolovsky. Former station chief for the KGB in London.

Vladimir retired from KGB let his Beard grow wild he now looked oddly like the famous Russian Dissident Alexander I. Solzhenitsyn.

The two men talked for Hours to no avail.

"Vlad you gotta help me with anything my friend is in the hospital me and Makepeace were next."

"What’s Harry doing about this Dempsey?"

"She’s wasting her time at some electronics fair downtown."

Vladimir paused for a moment in deep thought. That’s it Dempsey she’s found your Mr. Big you’ve been looking to hard he’s right in front of you."

"What the hell are you talking about ?"

"I am talking about Viktor Müller the billionaire technology smuggler. When your Mark Savory got free from prison he sought out the powerful Müller to take revenge on yours truly." Oh yes Dempsey he fits your profile perfectly."

"Ya well we don’t have to worry about Savory Spikings just found him floating face down in the Thames."

"Never mind him he was never the one pulling the strings, you’d better find you partner Dempsey she may have found her self in over her head already."

Dempsey bolted out the door now realizing what the Russian meant.


Makepeace was delighted on the progress she had made she had been invited to a company party at a nearby ‘estate’ now allegedly owned by Volk and Müller industries. Normally it would take weeks months or even years to track down any kind of lead on a man like Viktor Müller.

Harry enjoyed the company of her new friend Mr. Baker and she was impressed by the not one but four jet black Jaguars that accompanied the sleek black one she occupied. She felt uneasy by the additional escort of at least two muscle-bound guards on BMW motorcycles. They looked like a private army of professionals who could have been ex-SAS, ex-London cops or even ex-American Special forces.

The sleek Jags made there way past the security check point and into the huge corporate manner owned and controlled by Volker & Müller Industries.

The huge mansion clearly reminded Makepeace of her father Lord Windfry’s old Victorian style house only this one was even larger..

Within moments one could tell the place was guarded by an army of private professionals. Guards were instantly visible walking the parameter with Doberman Pincher attack dogs and surveillance cameras lined the high stone walls that were topped off with barbed wire.

The most noticeable thing was the foreboding presence of at least a dozen foreboding giant black Ravens as big as the famous ones who lived in the Tower of London.

The party at the Müller mansion was typical of high profile business party filled with an assortment of money hungry over dress business people. Makepeace as Helga fit right in but the party yielded no information about Müller because no one dared comment that the company owner was on the run from InterPol since they were probably all making money off him.

Makepeace was ready to give up and ask for a ride back to London when suddenly Mr. Baker invited her to the drawing room for an after dinner cocktail and he emphasized the best Russian Caviar available with the company officers of Volk & Müller.

"Now I’m getting somewhere, Makepeace thought to herself." Perhaps this caviar was more then just symbolic.

The ‘officers’ of Müller’s company were a mix of rough looking German, British Russian and American Businessmen.

All smoking cigars and drinking Bourbon. Makepeace delighted the businessmen by smoking a cigar in a trendy but sexy display of party antics.

"It’s time to meet the host man said. Suddenly a very handsome blond blond-haired gentlemen appeared out of no where as the other men disappeared.

Makepeace instantly got a bad feeling had her cover gotten blown already? She began to think she was over her head. She was a good under cover cop the best, but this was espionage work the kind of thing MI 5 and MI 6 deal with. No impossible she had to maintain confidence her cover was good her identity was realistic she had created Helga years ago for just such a situation.

"Helga forgive me for not joining you at my own party, but for complicated reasons one’s that I’d rather not explain I could not attend."

Makepeace found it hard not to stare at this man of mystery for he was incredibly handsome. This made her very uneasy she didn’t like feeling attracted to a stranger.

"I must confess I could not attend because I am Viktor Müller." The blond man said as he smoothly kissed her hand.

"You remind me of F Scott FitzGerald secretive character Jay Gadsbey the rich bootlegger who never went to his own grand party’s." Said Makepeace shyly.

"Oh yes your very right that description fits me well." Müller said in his broken English which matched Harry’s fake German accent well.

Müller paused for a second to take a deep drag from his cigarette and have a taste of caviar.

"But you would know all about literature being a graduate of Cambridge wouldn’t you Harry?" Viktor said as he removed Sgt. Makepeace’s fake eyeglasses.

Makepeace sat still her heart sank as she knew her cover had been blown.

"Your so lovely Lady Harriet and your high German is excellent but, why do you persist in warring such an ugly costume when your such an incredibly beautiful women."

Makepeace sat silently saying nothing.

"Oh, yes Lady Harriet I’ve been watching your career and that of your charming New Yorker Lt. Dempsey very closely. Oh yes don’t look so surprised "Life is hard then you die." Müller said in a flawless imitation of Dempsey’s Brooklyn accent.

"You do a great imitation of Dempsey he’d be flattered sir."

Müller laughed loudly. Thank you but seriously you two have ruined my planes more then once and now our Mr. Savory has reunited us once again."

"We took Savory down it was our job. He should know the rules of the game what’s he got against us anyway." Makepeace said defending her position.

"Don’t worry He’s been takin care of he was a fool and I would never let HIM hurt you. Although he asked Me to have you and Dempsey murdered."

"I do my job I do what I have to do I realize I could be hurt or killed in the line of duty, but even though there is a lot of things wrong about my country I still love England and would die for this country if I had too why do you do it?"

"Why it’s quite simple Lady Harriet no man is an island, but I come very close." Years ago in another life I was one of Austria’s greatest Engineers and I was making an honest small wage for a large firm in Vienna. Then one day I realized I could sell embargoed technology to countries that were enemies of the US and Great Britain. I also sold narcotics and any other contraband and before I knew it I was a billionaire in four years. I was so successful. The United States Senate intelligence committee decided it was political best if I’d be taken out of the game." I was the best I eluded them for two years."

"Yes I read about you in the international Herald Tribune they nearly captured you in South Africa and twice in Germany." Said Makepeace with some degree of admiration.

"Indeed, Lady Harriet but how long do you think even I could out run the American Central Intelligence Agency and your own MI 6."

"Not forever I suppose." Makepeace said still uneasy at being attracted to Müller.

"Yes now when they need something done that they do not wish to be connected to they call me. In exchange I get full immunity and 40% of everything I do for them. Thus, I still remain a billionaire and free for prosecution."

"Not a bad deal for a underpaid engineer from Austria."

"Look, at these paintings I know of your love for art tell me what you see?"

"Ok, there is a picture of Black Beard the pirate probably an original done in 1718 Then over there a picture of Caption Bartholomew Roberts also seventeen hundreds and pictures lady pirates Mary Reed and Anne Bonny, and Captain Johnson author of the best book ever written on Pirates." Pirates and Pirate catchers so what Müller!"

"Don’t you see I am a nothing but a modern day Pirate but I am the Pirate king. Join me Harriet, Lady Harriet I need a Lady by my side together we could rule the underworld, and you could eventually make a real difference in this world with the aid of my power."

Makepeace stared into the deep blue eyes of Viktor and for a felt herself being seduced by the money the power and intrigue of Müller. After all her hidden love for Lt. Dempsey were getting her nowhere, and with Viktor’s money power perhaps she could help make a difference in this world.

Viktor, moved closer towards to her was caressing her and she was not resisting. "Be by mine side Lady Harriet..."

Just as he was about to kiss her Makepeace realized this was all an illusion and that she loved Jim Dempsey. She pulled away suddenly and punched Müller squarely on the jaw. She had years of Martial arts training and knew how to throw a punch.

Viktor, doubled over in pain his pride hurt along with the pain of the blow. "Dam it!" he screamed loudly. His bodyguards appeared instantly in he doorway.

Makepeace rolled and got behind a huge oak chair simultaneously pulling her .22 caliber Bereter from small holster on her outer thigh reveling her black silk stockings and a black garter belt .

The guards fired on Makepeace and missed she returned fire wounding one and killing the other. They were totally caught off by her speed and her ability and the hidden gun. She then turned on Müller who was nearly upon her. He stopped advancing when she pointed the gun directly at him. She had several seconds a window of opportunity in which she could have shot him. Instead she showed mercy and turned and fled the room. Müller paused stunned by her beauty stunned by the fact that she could have killed him and did not. This gave Makepeace time to flee into the huge manor know that she was outnumbered on hundred to one and that she would never escape.

Dempsey and Spikings to the Rescue

In a road just outside the reach of the high tech. surveillance equipment of the Müller estate Dempsey and Spikings and the electronics expert John Park waited in two vans like some kind of modern day Knights waiting to lay siege to the dark castle.

"Boss are you trying to tell me were gone raid that castle with this team of your old war buddies?"

"Dempsey these old war buddies are the best dam fighting men in the world and..."

"OK, ok boss I get the message look we gotta roll now I got a bad feelin about Harry I can feel it something’s going wrong for her I don’t know how I know it I just do."

With that the two vans sped off and smashed through the gate of the manor. Detective Sargent Park fired off several rounds of tear gas and smoke while Dempsey Spikings and the others engaged the private security force in a ferrous gun battle.

They were out outgunned ten to one but they did not hesitate to engage their enemy, Somehow Dempsey made his way into the house and was met by darkness. Park a specialist had already cut the power.

He reached out with all the power of his intuition. The intuition of a cop and a man in love. Where is she Dempsey thought to himself. God if anything has happened to her I...the library she’s in the library. Incredibly Dempsey entered the Müller’s huge library filled with thousands what looked to be ancient first additions. Row upon row aisle after aisle of books. It was a maze.

Dempsey was moving slowly quietly when he felt a small gun butt on his neck.

"Don’t move or the gun goes off." whispered Makepeace

"Harry it’s me don’t shoot. whispered Dempsey.

"Jim, is it you thank god I..." The tenderness in Harry’s voice reveled that she felt for him.

They moved closer together knowing they probably would never escape finally it seemed after all of these years they would finally kiss. He looked into her fantastic blue eyes and was about to kiss her when suddenly they were interrupted by gunfire close by.

"Dempsey, we’ve got to find Müller and make him call off his army." said Makepeace seriously.

Dempsey and Makepeace did a room by room search until they found Viktor in his bedroom unloading documents and money from a safe that was hidden behind an original priceless painted by the Spanish artiest Goya.

"Freeze sucker, drop that bag and drop your gun scumbag.!" shouted Dempsey.

"Now use your radio Viktor call off you men do it now!" ordered Makepeace.

Müller slowly reached for his radio.


"Yes, Mr. Müller, sir." A voice answered back over the radio.

"Evacuate this safe house immediately-understood."

"Understood sir."

"Viktor, what are you two on a first name basis." Dempsey sneered.

"Herr Müller where are you going -I expect to be paid ." said a voice from the doorway it was the missing Julius.

Dempsey startled by the voice of Julius turned suddenly and blew him away with his trademark .357 He was armed and a threat anyway.

This was the distraction Herr Müller needed he was fast and highly trained. He threw his leather bag at Makepeace blocking her line of fire for a fraction of a second then he garbed his gun and turned and fired at Dempsey hitting him in the chest..

"Oh my god Dempsey are you alright!" Makepeace screamed. Rushing to his side.

"I’m fine Sgt. I’ve got body armor. Where the hell did he go you lost him?"

It took several moments for the two detectives to find the false wall behind which was a hidden stairway that led to a basement garage. Viktor Müller was of coarse long gone by then.

"He’s slippery that guy I’ll give him that." Dempsey said with a strange hint of admiration for Müller


The badly injured Det. Charles Jarvis slowly regained consciousness and looked up seeing the angelic face of DS Makepeace.

"Harry is that you?" Chas said in his deep voice. "Or have I died and gone to heaven?" He then looked to his right and saw Dempsey recovering from badly bruised ribs. His bullet proof vest saved him but could not fully cushion the blow from Müller’s state of the art .9 mm Smith and Wesson automatic.

"Oh it’s only you Dempsey Chas said obviously disappointed.

The whole team of SI 10 had a good laugh although Dempsey did so reluctantly because of the extreme pain in his left lung.

"Near as I can tell said Spikings Savory MBE and his bunch of rogue MI6 operatives asked our billionaire friend Viktor to help take revenge on all of us and he was doing it. he had the resources to finish the job too. Except I think he developed a distinct liking for our beloved Sgt. Makepeace."

"Ya, good for him next time he may not be so lucky boss." He’s got good taste though. Dempsey admitted reluctantly. Two months latter Harry received an anonymous telex all it said was: "Until we meet again Lady Harriet."

The End

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