by Rimma Kalashnikova
(Moscow, Russia)

Since Harriet came back to work in police James became much more attentive to her. He was scared to lose her very much. She was a person who gave him strength to live and work. She was a woman which he loved. Not without reason Joyce has said: "Only with you he has the best chance to stay alive."

"Only with you..." Harry often thought about these words. Dempsey as a matter of fact straight away gave her to understand she attracts him very much. But attraction and love are different things. Does he love her ? She often reflected about this question. The main argument "he does" she considered he didn't go to America, although theoretical nothing held him in England. But it's only theoretical. Practice has told about opposite. What made him to stay? Harriet? Naturally she wanted to believe in it. She was tired of impossibility to express everything. She wanted him just to hold her, clasp by him and tell: "I love you, babe." She was tired to hide her love to him. But confess him first? No. If he doesn't love her? And what then? They won't be able to work together anymore. She won't be able to.

And what does he think about all this? Is he really scared to open his feelings too, because he is scared to be outcast? Generally Harry never told him about her own feelings, never showed it to him. It's interesting, has he ever thought about possibility of romance between them?

Harry caught herself on idea that she was thinking about him again. Just she couldn't switch over on something else. She often thought about him not only about as a friend. Friend... What could she do if she was only a friend for him?... How could she know about his feelings? What could she do for it?

Suddenly her thinking was interrupted by telephone call and she flinched.


-Hello, Harry, it's James,-familiar voice expanded in handset and her heart was beating fast.

-Hi, James. Was something happen on job? I need to go?

-No, no. Everything's ok on job. I just... I just want to invite you for dinner.

-Oh... For dinner?

-Yes. I have thought: maybe you'll agree to go with me?

-With pleasure.

-Perfectly! Then I'll go for you at 7, ok?

-Yes, it's ok.

Dinner? It's something new. Harry has understood that she is agitating. Well what's the matter with her? She must count down. O, God! And what will she put on? She was quickly going into her room and began to try all her clothes on. Soon she has upsetly sat down on the bed: today she wanted to dress something especial, but she liked nothing, although her wardrobe with her wonderful taste was irreproachable. Her choice was the following - blouse and long skirt. She was charming in these clothes, and hoped he would like it.

Dempsey was driving for her at 7 sharp. Harry opened the door for him and he was stupefied. She was so beautiful! Clothes, light make up, her perfume... She was driving him crazy.

-You are delightful, Harry... Charming like these roses, although even flowers can not compare with you,- he said and stretched to her a bunch of wonderful red roses. Harry smiled with a little confusion that did her more beautiful and took a bunch. When they came to the car he opened the door for her. "He is a real gentleman today,"-she thought.

They went to a nice restaurant. After dinner he invited her to a slow dance. He held her waist and she put her hand on his shoulder. Harry didn't hear the music. He was holding her so gentle and she wanted to stay only with him .Only they two. Together... James as if was reading her mind...

-Harry, I have an offer: if you have no objection we can take a walk.

-I'd love to.

They were walking not long, stopping not far from the river.

-It's very beautiful here, isn't it?-asked Makepeace.

-Yeah, it's very beautiful place,-James agreed.

-When I was 17 I liked to come here.

-Were you dreaming?

-Dreaming? Yes, you may say.

-Have you a secret dream?

-Sure, who has not?

-Can you tell me about it?

-I don't think so. And you?

-I want to do it. Harry,-he looked in her eyes and took her hand. I want to say I love you very much and I want you to be with me always. It's my secret dream.

Harry glanced at him trying to understand: was he joking or not? But when she met his eyes she understood that she was waiting for this moment for a long time.

They embraced...

-Dempsey,-Harry nestled up to him stronger. My secret dream has executed just now.

I was waiting of these words so long.

They were looking at each other for a long time. Then he slowly bend to her and kissed her gently.

They wanted this evening never end...

The End

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